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Big Bore Factory Fatty ()

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The Factory Fatty is reminiscent of the “works” or cone pipe once used by Factory Teams. It shares many of the same characteristics with its’ craftsmanship and material quality.
For product 023065 is for a Big Bore kit
  • Lighter 20 gauge steel used for the body of the pipe.
  • 19 Gauge steel used for the header portion.
  • Includes O-rings.
  • Hand pounded seams for smooth flow transitions.

Item ID: 022062
Type: Pipes
Carb Warning: no
Weight: 3.2 lbs.

Make Model Year Make Model Year
KAWASAKI KX100 14-21 KAWASAKI KX112 22-24
KAWASAKI KX112 22-24
    KAW KX85/100'14-24/KX112'22-24 F-PIPE   Item ID: 022060 - Fatty
    For: KAWASAKI KX100 2014


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